Our Story!

Hello and Welcome to SarahN'DippitySalsa.com!

My name is Sarah and I came up with this great idea to make a jarred salsa that actually tastes fresh. Try Sarah N'Dippity Salsa and you'll agree that I have succeeded!

Let me give you some background on my love for food. I grew up in the restaurant business and as a chubby kid, cooking (and eating) has always been a passion of mine.

When my friends began asking me for my salsa, I found myself unable to keep up with all the requests and decided to take my fire roasted salsa to a local manufacturer in where we had it micro-batched with no added preservatives and kept true to its authenticity. ​Our customers agree that this salsa is addictive. In fact, that's what motivated us to get out and share this great flavor. We conducted a blind taste test with four other leading salsas and Sarah N' Dippity was chosen more than 9 out of 10 times!

It all starts with quality ingredients and not using a "tomato puree" as your base. Tomato puree is simply tomato paste and water. Did you know that  over 95% of salsas are made with a simple tomato puree base. When did that become acceptable for salsa? Sarah N'Dippity Salsa starts with 100% fire roasted tomatoes. We then add a special blend of chipotle peppers, fresh herbs and spices to enhance the smokiness of the tomatoes and intensify the flavors. Our Original is a mild-medium salsa with a subtle smokiness and the Me So Spicy is our spiciest with a more intense smoky spicy flavor. These are the ultimate restaurant style salsas!

We also feature a tropical fruit salsa made with tequila, named "Tropiquila". Our loyal customer base was the inspiration for this versatile, luscious fruit blend. While conducting demos, several Sarah N'Dippity lovers asked me to start making a fruit salsa and that's exactly what we did. While most fruit salsas start with a tomato base, ours is made with mangoes, peaches, pineapple and jalapeno peppers for a nice kick. Add Tropiquila to fish or rice dishes to spice 'em up and add depth of flavor. This salsa is a sweet medium to medium hot heat level salsa.Visit our recipes for great meal ideas!

Our newest addition to our salsa family is the Me So Corny! It starts out with the same great fire roasted tomatoes and smoky chipotle peppers. Then we add the hearty black beans and sweet golden corn. This is a match made in heaven and may be our new favorite.
All of our heat levels are manageable and we would equate the Me So Corny to a medium or medium-hot. 

 We are confident that you'll agree that these are the best salsas that you've ever tried. It's simply the freshest tasting salsa that you can get out of a jar and I have done my personal best to offer it at a price that everyone can afford.

We invite you and your family to try our salsa for yourself. If you don't love it, simply return it and get a full refund.Check out our recipes page for some easy, fun, fresh ideas!

* Please note that while there was a trace of gluten in our Original and Me So Spicy varieties. We now make them completely wheat free. Be sure that the date stamped on your jar is newer than 7/2014 to get the new wheat free product. Jars stamped with 07/2014 will contain a trace of wheat flour.

​Thank you,